The CoMe Strong project aims at activating inactive men aged 45-75, especially those who risk social exclusion. By improving their skills and knowledge that is useful in private life and on the labour market, their well-being and social inclusion will increase. All actions will be carried out in local level in order to build stronger local communities.


1) The main achievement of CoMe Strong was to motivate older men (45-75) to be more active and involved. In concrete 10 men’s club were established in Finland and Estonia during the project and about 100 men took part to the club meetings frequently. Men feel their mood has come better during the project. They have new friends, have learned new things and feel they are important community members (Estonians) and they have had something meaningful to do (Finnish men).

2) Important achievement was also that we managed to highlight the participation and involvement of men throughout the project. The programme in the clubs was tried to build so, that activities are planned by men and raises from their own interests. The events were mostly chosen by men themselves and therefore they fit their interests very well. More and more the men participated in the planning of the events and many of them were quite proud of their role in the club. Men themselves were in a significant role in planning and implementing club activities. Many men were actually quite proud about this role.

3) During the project the most active men were trained to organize and take responsibility about running the clubs by themselves. This model ensures that clubs are still alive after the project and men are used to take responsibility about the clubs even project staff don’t help them anymore. All clubs are still running in Finland and Estonia. In Finland some smaller clubs have joined together (Pansio to Jyrkkälä and Mynämäki to Nousiainen). In Estonia the club has got some financial support from the city governemnt and seem to be doing very well. All Finnish clubs are planning together a new trip to Tartto next summer.

4) Even the strenghtening the community -goal, didn’t seemed so important to men, it have to be mentioned that some men started voluntary work in the elderly houses and feel this very important. It seems this kind of work has possibility to grow after the project.


More information?

For more information, contact Mrs. Katariina Felixson, or +358 40 355 0538.