The CoMe Strong project aims at activating inactive men aged 45-75, especially those who risk social exclusion. By improving their skills and knowledge that is useful in private life and on the labour market, their well-being and social inclusion will increase. All actions will be carried out in local level in order to build stronger local communities.


To whom?

To men (aged 45-75 years) who want to be active, make new friends, learn something new and do something useful for the local community.



In the clubs we have fun together and gain new knowledge and skills. Now and then we carry out small projects from which our local community can benefit from. These community projects can be anything from school fence painting to art exhibition or from helping older people in nursing homes to raking leaves in city park. Or something else the men in the club are interested in and the local community benefits from.


How often?

The clubs meets regularly but it is up to each club if the meetings are once a week or for example every other week.



We have clubs both in Finland and in Estonia. In Finland we have clubs in Turku and in Mynämäki-Masku region. In Estonia we have clubs in Tartu area. Please contact us for further details.


With whom?

Regular meetings and community projects are carried out among local men. Since similar activities are implemented also in other cities and even across border, you will have a chance to meet active men from elsewhere as well.


More information?

For more information, contact Mrs. Katariina Felixson, or +358 40 355 0538.